CoastaLube drilling mud additive is used to increase lubricity and decrease torque and drag in water-based drilling systems. It has a secondary function of wellbore stability and shale inhibition. Also useful in coiled tubing applications. Contains rate of penetration enhancers.
CoastaLube<sup>®</sup> Drilling Fluid Additive



Drilling & Coil Tubing Fluid Additive

Exceptional Lubricity Using Sun’s PAO Technology



CoastaLube® is a high performance lubricant for water-based drilling and coil tubing fluid systems, utilizing a polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon base. Environmentally safe, CoastaLube® has a secondary function of wellbore stability and shale inhibition. PAOs are man-made and contain no aromatics or have the adverse properties of traditional mineral and diesel oils.

Sun's CoastaLube® enhances the performance of drilling fluid in low-pressure situations by coating the formation and drill string as well as acting as a boundary layer lubricant in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. CoastaLube® is readily dispersible and compatible with fresh and saltwater-based systems.

CoastaLube® has proven successful in solving problems related to angle building, angle dropping, kick-off point difficulties and mud motor drag since introduction in 1988.



  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Minimizes bit balling
  • Decreases friction and wear
  • Minimizes differential pressure sticking


  • Non-toxic
  • Non-sheening
  • Base fluid thermal stability >600°F (315°C)
  • No adverse effect on rheological properties
  • Broad range efficiency
  • Replacement for diesel, mineral-oil-based fluids or other synthetic base lubricant additives
  • Meets EPA discharge requirements
  • No effect on LC50 value of active fluid system



  • 55-gallon drums (208 liters)
  • Rig storage containers - 275-gallon totes, 13 bbl/550 gallons (2.07 m3)
  • Disposable tote tanks

Physical Properties

  • Specific gravity 0.80
  • Viscosity SUS 100°F 81.4
  • Flash point COC >300°F, (149°C)
  • Appearance Clear amber liquid
  • Funnel viscosity 70°F - 63(sec), 120°F - 44 (sec)          

Recommended Treatments

  • Drilling 1% - 6% by volume
  • Pill application (Call us!)












To order CoastaLube® or for more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.

For more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.